Maypole Dancers

Watching the maypole dancers at the Surrey County Show I was struck by how this ancient tradition, going back to […]

Venice Alley

This painting, based on a photo taken on a trip to Venice, struck me as an interesting potential cover to […]

Punisher Cover Design

I had a mental image pop into my mind that Ray Liotta in the 80s would have made a great […]

Bob Dylan

It took me a long time to ‘get’ Bob Dylan.  The whiny voice, often parodied, made it hard to really […]


Just finished a brilliant BBC audiobook of Dracula, so grabbed some reference I took from a trip to Whitby and […]

The Wonder Book Cover

Book cover design for the steampunk series by James Devo, published by M-Y Books Ltd. Pencil, gouache and Photoshop. Logo design […]

Stalker, V Recordings

Artwork for V Recordings (drum n’ bass label).  2015. Photoshop, Sketchup, pen & ink

Duke McQueen (Starlight)

Digital painting based on Mark Millar’s ‘Starlight’ comic character ‘Duke McQueen’. Published in the New Talent Showcase in #5 of ‘Jupiter’s Legacy‘ by […]

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