Personal Work

Armistice Day

I created this¬†piece for an Armistice Day exhibition. Was at a county fair in the summer, and saw this guy […]

A Moment In Time

A few sketches from a battle re-enactment at Morden Fair in 2019.  

Grey Squirrel #1

2-page spread from #1 of Grey Squirrel, by Luke Chilton and myself. Drawn in two styles, one a pencil-rendered style […]

Maypole Dancers

Watching the maypole dancers at the Surrey County Show I was struck by how this ancient tradition, going back to […]


Fascinated by the Blitz exhibition at Flambards theme park in Cornwall, I created this piece showing the evacuees about to […]

Venice Alley

This painting, based on a photo taken on a trip to Venice, struck me as an interesting potential cover to […]

Return of the Jedi

An experiment to see how my process would look applied to a ‘floating heads / bodies’ style movie poster. The […]

Day Of The Triffids

I often wish fiction was still serialised in magazines, and this is how I’ve pictured Day of the Triffids if […]

Tiananmen Square

Inspired by the illustration work of Bernie Fuchs, this image was created from a photo I took of a tank […]

Punisher Cover Design

I had a mental image pop into my mind that Ray Liotta in the 80s would have made a great […]

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